The company does not have, in its production chain, employees performing degrading or forced labor, observing the provisions of items III and IV of art. 1 and item III of art. 5 of the Brazilian Constitution;

The company does not employ minors under 18 years old in night, dangerous or unhealthy work and does not employ minors under 16 years old, except under 14 years old, as an apprentice, pursuant to article 7, XXXIII, of the Brazilian Constitution ;

The Company prohibits and does not tolerate any practice of bribery and payment or receipt of bribes either with the Public Administration, national or foreign, or with Private Companies, based on the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law, No. 12.846, dated august 1, 2013 and on international anti-corruption laws.  LEI anticorrupção brasileira, Nº 12.846, DE 1º DE AGOSTO DE 2013.  E nas leis internacionais anticorrupção.

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