Sale Department & Purchase.

The company's main area of ​​activity is naval brokerage in the purchase and sale of second-hand tonnage. Our team specializes in auctions and tenders for Brazilian state-owned companies, where bureaucracy is challenging but the opportunities are great.


We have bought and sold different types of ships of different ages from / to our national and foreign clients, private and state companies, for future employment / navigation. Our technical and commercial assistance extends from the initial consultation to the delivery and acceptance of the vessel by the buyers, including the preparation of all relevant documentation.


We have been selling numerous ships from these state-owned companies during that time, some of them for dismantling (scrapping). As a consequence, De Moura Shipping became active in demolition and towing vessels as well.

Inspection Division

The Inspections Division conducts ship inspections and condition surveys, analyzing class situations in classifying societies and issuing detailed reports with photographs. Independent ship control audits by the port state and the flag have been offered to our customers since 1998. The control of ships by the port state in Brazil is an extremely serious matter since the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has been pressing member countries to be strict with substandard navigation; ships have been detained for failing to meet established standards. Shipowners wishing to prevent such situations can count on us for independent preventive audits.

We have two ship control officers from the port state, duly certified by the Brazilian Navy, who are able to navigate between two ports, if necessary. This is to avoid delaying ships during port operations, which is often the main concern of shipping companies and commanders. In addition, we offer pre-purchase surveys of ships and issuance of naval assessment certificates.

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